Monday, 26 March 2012

The Auto-Rickshaw

Here I am after a long break back to my blog posting pastime.A little introduction to myself will let you know that I am fond of travelling. anywhere it might be, International or domestic or just a walk at a local market.I have mostly traveled on domestic tours and just two international destinations have been successful in getting my exposure.

Enough of me travel-o-maniac story, being back on my topic of discussion this time-The Auto Rickshaw.Auto Rickshaw is the perfect mode of transportation for middlemen in India and other countries mainly in Asia , If i check the Wikipedia, then 21 countries are listed out of which Asia has 11 countries having The Auto Rickshaw facility.Auto Rickshaw are commonly called Auto in India (just for comfortable reading in further references).

One day i was on my visit to Qutab minar and i got late to return home (around 9 at night) so, me and my friend decided to take an Auto to reach on time.From a long queue of Auto's none of it agreed for a desirable price fixed by the government of India.Then in a niche of time a rickety auto came towards us and agreed our demands.After just 5 minuted of journey the Auto driver lit a cigarette and all the smoke was right into my and my friend sonu's nose. I thought that it was just a little cigarette and not much harm is gonna be done my it.When the Auto came to a halt at a red light a radio cab stopped right beside the auto and then the auto driver started to tell his story.As he opened his mouth by looking toward us i could smell alcohol from his mouth. The driver said that that he once used to be a radio cab driver in a breaking voice and he had a very good financial status also but the things have changed for him now. Every time he addressed me and my friend as SIR which sounded a little weird as the Auto driver's in India are not experienced driver's and I was not used to be called Sir by an Auto Driver, the same expression could be seen on my friend's face too.The man then said that he even had been paid in dollar's by a Canadian national who traveled in his cab and a little smile could be seen on his face. The man said that he never used to smoke or drink alcohol but the change of work made him do so because his life had become a nightmare. He even said that he once wanted to end his life and feel at rest but at that time he just used to remember his kids and family.

I had no idea on how to react to such a person as sympathy was flowing through my heart but seeing him drunk made the sympathy into ashes.I wanted to ask how it all happened to him but my friend beside me stopped my from saying a word. But when i had thought that even after my friend's constant refusal i will ask the reason my home came and i had to hurry because of short of time. my friend rushed after paying the man and i offered him a tip which he reluctantly Refused!. and the last word the man said was''just give this money to someone in need i am thankful to god that i have enough to feed my family''.

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