Monday, 28 May 2012

Anonymous hackers target social sites on Indian ISP's

Hacker group Anonymous OpIndia attacked ISP (Internet Service Provider)Reliance Communications on Friday night and Saturday. Users of the service who tried to access popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and G mail instead saw a message from anonymous hackers announcing their protest against their "freedom being taken away".

The attack on Reliance Communications was triggered when Anonymous found its Twitter account had been blocked.
Anonymous V/S Indian govt.

Among other things, the message displayed to Reliance users said, "We tried to do a slow, non-violent protest and government decided to cover our mouths. We will not sit idle while our freedom is taken away. When we started to speak the truth, the government of India forced our online Twitter account @Opindia_revenge to be suspended".

The message went on to attack private organizations, the government, opposition parties as well as and the media. However, it also had links to redirect users to the site they were trying to access. Releasing admin logs from servers they hacked at, Anonymous OpIndia alleged that Reliance had blocked certain web pages, including the Facebook pages of staff protesting against Air India.

"We have investigated the matter and confirm that all R-Com servers and websites are intact and have required preventive measures in place for intrusions," said a Reliance Communications spokesperson. 

Anonymous OpIndia also issued an ultimatum to the government to unblock all file-sharing websites as well as any other website that might have been restricted by ISPs and the government. The group has set up a Facebook page titled 'Occupy India #protest for internet freedom (File Sharing Websites Blocked)', which calls for a physical protest next month.
A revolution?......

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