Monday, 19 September 2011


Well you are reading a Blog right now.

The term blog is short for web log,an online public diary which lists each diary entry in reverse order so that new diary entries are placed on top of the page ,and older entries are placed below.Each entry is called a post.

Who blogs?

Anyone can create a blog , if they have a basic understanding of the way the software works. There are privately  owned blogs on individual webpages, which require a little knowledge about creating webpages, but there are also blog creation services which allow you to quickly and easily set up your own blog. You can add posts as often as you like, and can say almost anything that you want. Blogs are created for a lot of different reasons, and by many different people.

What are blogs about?

There are many topics that a blog may contain, depending on who is updating it and why. Many blogs provide news or comment in response to a particular subject, like local news, political or even hobbies. Food blogs are popular for people who want to share recipe, and many political activists and writers have blogs which are used to respond to hot political topics. Many blogs also functions as personal online diaries

Blog classification

A Blog is usually textual, based on news and commentary, although there are other types of blogs which focus on art, photo-blogs focus on photography, sketch-blog focus on sketching,and so on. There are also a few specialised types of blogs,including vlogging which is video blogging,and podcasting which is audio blogging.

Creating a Blog on the internet

If you have a good understanding of webpage design and development, you may be able to create your own blog on a personal website. otherwise, your best option is to choose a website that does the setting up for you,so that all you have to do is join, customise a little and begin to write. There are many blog websites like " , ," these will allow you to quickly and easily create your own blog, and allow you to quickly and easily create your own blog, and will give you the power to set security levels on each post in your blog, in case you want to allow only friends or only yourself to be able to read them.

Blog Popularity

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons-including the fact that they offer a wealth of information on a lot of different topics,  but also because they drive traffic to websites by attracting new visitors with interesting blog column commentary. Blogs are great tool because they allow anyone to express themselves on the internet. If you are looking for a way to express yourself online, or to share information regarding a favourite subjects of yours, beginning your own blog may be the best option for you because everyone has an opinion on the internet.

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