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How to build a good career!!............

This Article does not tell what career to choose but how to choose. Read full to learn.

There always has been a buzz among the youth as to how to build a good career. Two decades ago, the youth in our country got conscious about their career options after having completed the schooling, but now they start worrying right since childhood, more so from the urban populace. Whatever they come across, they gather information and inspiration from it and try to hit upon the best choice possible.

But one needs to be clear about certain basic issues when it comes to make a good choice about career.What it the meaning of career? What is the purpose of a good career? Where does want to be after having made a good career? Or if we see from the viewpoints of parents, where do they want their children to be in due course of time? These are certain issues which need to be investigated exhaustively before setting any benchmarks in life. Each one of us has to come across such questions and whatever one chooses as the answer to these questions, one invests full time and energy to climb that ladder.

Generally the sense that goes with a good career is composed of three things: money,rank and fame. The effort to earn money as much as possible,to earn fame so as to reach people as far as possible ad to get a high rank and post goes behind making the coveted illustrious career. The focus of this effort may be one's own well-being as well as the well being of the latter part. With respect to one's own well-being, one expects at a minimum that with all these, one will not have to stretch hands in front of others for the fulfilment of the needs of oneself and one's family, and it will also guarantee a social security. To add to this, more and more people will be familiar with one's name, others will not get a chance to dominate over him/her and the life will be enjoyed to its fullest. And it is assumed that if all this gets done, happiness will follow every moment naturally. With respect to the well-being of the society, one expects to give similar opportunities to people outside one's own family.

With this fancy, every individual is in the run to make a good career. How true this imagination about career is needs to be explored. In these terms only, one plans to be an engineer, a doctor, opt for mass communication, do an MBA or raise one's own business. Whatever stream one chooses for oneself, he/she works to go ahead and keep growing. People are generally seen enquiring where does the other see himself/herself ten years hence. And based on this vision, the planning for short term and long term continues. People work on their strengths and weaknesses and keep learning newer and newer skills.

Expected, if one plans to achieve and accumulate as much as possible, there will be competition with fellows. And when there is a feeling to leave others behind, feeling of envy,dissent, opposition, fear... fellow. So the youth of today are in a race to earn more and more and thus are facing problems of disharmony in relationships. To move ahead, relations are made or broken so that they help in career growth. You ask any  body how the things are moving, and the other starts complaining of everything around whose essence is that he/she is going the right way but everybody else is in opposition. If this situation is not resolved in the early stage, after a span of struggled life, this prejudice gets deeply seated that every human being is an opponent in a happy living. if still the struggle is continued, the individual gets used to live in a state of reaction. The situation becomes such that if you remove the other with whom the individual is trying to compete all the time, he/she is not able to see one's program defined in itself.

A little exploration shows that the purpose of a good career is continuity of happiness and prosperity in life. One may not be aware of this all the time but it is something that is the basic selection in all the programs that one makes - the selection to be happy, to be prosperous and that too in continuity. One may verify for oneself that prosperity is the sense of having enough in terms of physical facilities. And happiness is nothing but the state of harmony at all the levels of one's living.

Now what are the basic requirements to enable happy and prosperous life is something to be studied. At the cue of these words, it intuitively occurs to anybody that physical facilities are a must for living. These physical facilities are a necessity for the nourishment, protection and utilisation of the body. But that is not all. Hence, it may be concluded that physical facility is one of the needs but not the complete need. When one may find out the major source of problems in one'sone's physical needs is missing. Due to this, we keep coming across dilemmas and contradictions. The way to solve this problem is to work for the right understanding of things which includes oneself, the feelings in one's relationship, a humane order in the society and the interwoven relationship of human with the rest of nature.

Thus there are three basic requirements to ensure a happy and prosperous life, which means a good career, and they are right understanding, right feelings in relationship and physical facilities. The right feelings in relationship and the sufficiency of physical need of every human being. With right understanding and right feelings, the limit of physical facilities required can be confidently made out and its availability can be ensured. Thus among the three, right understanding comes at the first priority, relationship at the second priority and physical facilities at the third priority.

The way to build a good career is select the above mentioned priority among the three basic requirements. To be assured of what has been proposed here, one needs to self-explore through verification in oneself and in one's living.One may also survey around and gather examples from the society to reinstate the fact that with right understanding only, one is able to lead a successful life. Any effort made with lack of such understanding is going to be self-defeating; one may have a very eventful life but it becomes defeating to the individual in due course of time.

Thus it is proposed that one needs to work for all the three: right understanding, right feelings in relationship and sufficient physical facilities in the right order. The program to ensure this can be done in the following way:

1. One needs to fix up some time everyday for understanding oneself, the existence around and one's role in this existence. In fact, the activity of self-exploration is such an activity that it can be continued all the twenty four hours. To initiate this, one may draw information from multiple sources, but ultimately one needs to take everything as a proposal and verify it at the level of one's own natural acceptance. One may also join some workshop where a detailed exploration can be made into reality.

2. Relationship with people in the family and society around needs to be given due importance in one's everyday life. A sincere attempt is required to ensure mutual fulfilment in every relationship. One needs to get into dialogue with others and clarify each other of one's intentions and competence(or lack of it) to abide by the intention in living. A regular sitting with people in the family to have a sincere discussion with the members is useful at every stage of life.

3.The need for physical facilities has to be clearly judged based on the right identification of the physical needs. It also needs to be made out through a coherent dialogue with all in the family so that the physical goods and amenities can be shared with fulfilment by all in the family.

4.The choice of means to earn the physical facilities follows the above three. One needs to choose a career based on the above judgement. One also needs to make sure that the choice is people-friendly and Eco-friendly. Being people-friendly means that the profession has ample scope to nurture the people around. By saying Eco-friendly, it is desired that the occupation forms a part of such production processes which are cyclic in nature and mutually fulfilling to every other unit in nature. In case, one is not able to choose such an option, effort needs to be made to make a choice as close as possible to this desired state. It may be certified that the closer one is to the direct production activity in one's profession, the more choice he/she has to ensure fulfilment with nature. As the livelihood gets pulled farther from the production activity, there are more chances of getting involved into exploitation of other human beings and the nature around unknowingly, which is going to be self-defeating to the individual only. If the source of livelihood does not allow physical work, one needs to spare some time daily for it. It not only ensures Good health but also gives awareness about nature and its systems.

5.While working on the chosen career, one needs to participate in the order in the society so that the society can transition from the state of today to the coveted state, which has a tradition of happy and prosperous living. Participating in value-education programs, health and hygiene activities or activities to ensure justice in the society and harmony in the nature can be made a regular activity. The confidence and assurance that one gains out of such activities reinforces one's willingness to work for people-friendly and Eco-friendly ways to rise one's career.

6.One needs to keep evaluating the achievements and failures in one's efforts from time to time. At every stage in building one's career,one has to assure himself/herself that the targets are being set at one's own right through self-verification and not on the basis of others. One also needs to keep monitoring the utilisation of time and resources on regular basis followed by corrective actions.

These are some of the basic precepts to building a good career. Based on these, the programs sub-programs can be chalked out by every individual according to one's own situation or surrounding. But it is to be remembered that the success of a career is not to be measured in tours of money or rank or fame, but in terms of harmonious living i.e. happiness, and the sense of having enough i.e. prosperity.


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