Monday, 2 July 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man claims to be the biggest Hollywood opener in India till date

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the superhero reboot which gave the jump to moviegoers in India, Korea, Japan and elsewhere on Friday, grossed an estimated 50.2 million dollars in 13 overseas markets this weekend. U.S.-based Spider-Man fans won’t be able to catch the film Stateside until midnight Tuesday at the earliest.

In India, The Amazing Spider-Man scored the biggest opening ever for a Hollywood film, its studio said.

In Korea, the reboot bested the debut there of The Avengers.
In Japan, it accounted for nearly all of the country’s Saturday and Sunday ticket sales.
Most promising for The Amazing Spider-Man is that its international debut earned better-than-favorable comparisons to the franchise’s Tobey Maguire era.
In India and Korea, the Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone reboot outdid the respective opening weekends of Spider-Man 3.
n Vietnam, the movie outgrossed the entire run of the same sequel.
“For whatever reason, the [original] Spider-Man trilogy never performed quite as dominantly in the international marketplace,” E!Online quoted David Mumpower of Box Office Prophets as saying in an email.
A glimpse from the movie-The Amazing Spiderman

“…For The Amazing Spider-Man to launch like this internationally is a tremendous relief for Sony,” he added.

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