Friday, 5 October 2012

INTERNET FREEDOM in India:a report

A report by a USA based NGO called freedom house which is dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world. They release report on the freedom in various context i.e. freedom in the world, freedom on the net and freedom of the press of the respective country.They recently issued their report of the current year regarding freedom in India.

Here is an experct from that report:-

Despite the Partly Free rating, India was ranked 20th worldwide, ahead of most Asian countries.
pdf version of the report
The Freedom on the Internet report scored countries on a point scale of 0 to 100 to quantify the freedom enjoyed on online and digital media. Lower scores between 0-30 signified most freedom, 31-60 implied partial freedom while 61-100 implied lack of freedom on the internet. Points were given on the basis of how the government of a country imposed obstacles to internet access, limited or filtered online content or violated user rights by surveillance or other forms of harassment.
The score of 39 attributed to India was driven by 13 points in Obstacles to Access, 9 points on Limits on Content and 17 points for Violation of User Rights. The deterioration from a slightly better score of 36 in 2011 was being driven by a nominal uptick in all the 3 categories.
With more than 100 million people in India finding their way online, India has the 3rd highest online audience in the whole world after US and China.

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